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Africa Is A Country Radio: Chief Boima – Djibouti


Africa Is a Country Radio, the audio accompaniment to the website of the same name, is a monthly deep dive into the music and cultural politics of the African continent and beyond. Hosted by Sierra Leonean-American music producer, DJ, writer, and cultural activist Chief Boima, who is also the managing editor of Africa Is a Country, co-founder of Kondi Band and the founder of the INTL BLK record label. The show features a mix of music and interviews with musicians, historians, journalists, and more.

Taking a cue from our seasonal theme of port cities, Chief Boima visits Djibouti, a city sitting at the nexus between Africa and Asia, and use it as base from which to kick off an exploration of the Black Indian Ocean. He looks at the historic political and cultural connections between two continents, and then learn about Djiboutian music with our guest is Vik Sohonie, owner of Ostinato Records, writer and regular contributor to Africa Is a Country.

Listen now Tracklist

1) Saeid Shanbehzadeh – Kalfat [Self-released]

2) Basim Al Ali – Khala ya khala [Youtube]

3) Ahmed bin Brek – Hasidi [Buda Musique]

4) Zanzibar Stars Modern Taarab – Unknown [Super Shine Ltd.]

5) Panchala Fernando, Sanjeewa De Silva, Dashmi Wijerathne & Kasun Gomis – Sri Lankan Baila Medley [Deep Sounds Records]

6) Sky to Be – Dodo baba [KDM Family]

7) The Prophecy – Natty Grandi [Murvin Clelie]

8) Bama – Levee Camp Holler [Rounder Records]

9) Adamou Meigogue Garoua – Goge [Fenn Music]

10) Big Joe Williams – Stack O’ Dollars [Fenn Music]

11) Higher Brothers – Empire [88 Rising / 12 Tone]

12) Dibaocha – Asia Money [2050545 Records]

13) $tupid Young – Mando feat. Mozzy [Afficials]

14) Kadeed Badanaa Naftaydani (My Life is Full of Tribulations) [Ostinato Records]

15) 4 Mars – Tilman Baa Lagu Socdaa (Follow The Rules) [Ostinato Records]

16) Asma Omar – Buuraha U Dheer (The Highest Mountains) [Ostinato Records]

17) 4 Mars – Tamarta (Power) [Ostinato Records]

18) Friday [Sahel Sounds]