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Worldwide FM New Orleans brings you the melody and rhythms of the crescent city. A place where enslaved Africans joined with the Indigineous first people to resist and to create music and culture that continues to resonate throughout the world. Every show is anchored by an hour each from Brice Nice and Soul Sister followed by special guest selectors each month.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Idalia was exposed to various forms of music from a very young age thanks to her Mexican background and multi-cultural surroundings. Constantly exposed to different soundscapes, and too young at the time to attend the iconic State Palace Theatre raves, Idalia dived deep into digging for different genres of music, including techno which is her first love. Regularly a techno DJ, every now and then Idalia loves digging deep into her record bag for international house, italo, disco, funk and weird sounds from beyond. At any given night before covid, you could catch Idalia at a nearby dance floor or drinking a PBR at the local dive bar.

This mix is an ode to those Nola nights. Dancing the night away with Dj Soul Sister back when she was at Hi-Ho or catching the Trax Only parties at the cool warehouse for Halloween or crawling out of Techno Club at sunrise after a night of endless dancing. Cheers to those nights that we will never forget pre-covid with the optimism that those nights will return.

Listen now Tracklist

Moodymann – Pitch Black City Reunion (KDJ Records)


Stacy Kidd feat Peven Everett – How Bad I Want Ya (GU Peak True Time Mix) (BBE)


Louie Vega presents Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Streets (7”Expansions NYC Dub) (Nervous Records)


Love De-Luxe – Here Comes That Sound Again (Alien Disco Sugar rework) (Digital Wax Productions)


Moy Boy – Notte Divina (Divine Version) (Full Time Records)


Kuniyuki – Newwave Project 7 (Mule Music)


Dorothy’s Fortress – Enter Castillo (Destroy All Planets)


Fuifnummers – It Began In Italy (OYE)


Curses – Pedal To The Metal (Terr Remix) (Bordello A Parigi)


Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Afro-Acid Remix) (London Records)


Rhauder – Acid Jam (Polymorph)


Ruutu Poiss – Untitled A1 (Wake Dream)


Arp Frique – Voyage feat. Mariseya (Rush Hour)


Laroze – You Gotta Keep On (RTCT Records)


Dwayne Jensen – My People (Landed Records)


Joe Smooth – The Promised Land (D.J. International)


Pional – T.A.M.B (John Talabot sunset edit) (Hivern Discs)


Midland – Final Credits (Regraded)