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WW New Orleans: Felice Gee


Worldwide FM New Orleans brings you the melody and rhythms of the crescent city. A place where enslaved Africans joined with the Indigineous first people to resist and to create music and culture that continues to resonate throughout the world. Every show is anchored by an hour each from Brice Nice and Soul Sister followed by special guest selectors each month.

For the next hour, Brooklyn born and New Orleans inspired, Felice Gee curates sound waves fine-tuned specifically as a form of meditation and celebration. Intimately connecting holistic viewpoints intermixed with foundations of music,  expect to hear African Diasporic sounds from every era, introduced through emphasis on drum-beats and storytelling.

Listen now Tracklist

Cymande – Dove [Janus]

Pomo  – I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) by Daryl Hall & John Oates [Ultra]

Rocco Raimundo – Get Down On It (Rocco Raimundo Edit) 

Glenford Que Garcia – Gunjei Drums of New Orleans [Dudley V Augustine]

Romare – Footnotes (Meditations on Afrocentrism) [Black Acre]

Auntie Flo – Havana Rhythm Dance (feat. Andrew Ashong) [Brownswood]

Chaos in the CBD – The One with the Emoticon [Omena]

Bonar Bradberry – Brothers On The Slide by Cymande (Bonar Bradberry mix)[JUNO]

Junktion – I’m Wishin’ [Razor-N-Tape]

Charlotte Dos Santos – Move on (Gengis Don Remix)

Osunlande – Siguaraya (D’oke bata mix) [Yoruba]

Auntie Flo – Kabsa [Disco Halal]

DJ Aakmael – Jazz Piece 2 [Unxpozd]

Dom Bird – Yemaya {Beats Of No Nation]

Last Feast – Anchorsong [Tru Thoughts]

Miles Davis – Black Satin [Columbia/Legacy]

Nina Simone Recording Session from documentary “Nina: An Historical Perspective” by Peter Rodis 

DJ Maestro – Nina Simone African Mailman (The Rebel Remix) [Verse Music Group/Bethlehem]