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The Heavy Disco Spectacular with Ashley Beedle


Co-founder of the infamous ‘Heavy Disco’ parties, Ashley Beedle, navigates you through the many strands of music that make up the ‘Heavy Disco’ sound.

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00:00:32 Nona Hendryx – What If There Was No America [Crew Love]

00:03:04 Steven Christie with Joseph Malik – Everybody seems to want [Ramrock Red Records  (dubplate)]

00:05:42 Augenwasser – Back To Daylight

00:08:09 Maxine Scott – Erykah U Bad – [Ramrock Red Records (dubplate)]

00:11:00 Planetself – Ley Lines

00:14:26 JussComplex – Different Worlds [Chill Till Late]

00:20:06 Bassically – Strictly Heads [Fossil Records]

00:25:05 Future Unit – Back From The Dead (Remix)

00:31:37 Lou Hayter – Cherry On Top [Skint Records]

00:34:59 Yellow Days – You

00:38:59 Silverlining – Recognitia ft Ntem and Saba

00:43:19 Fit Of Body -Temporarily (Not on View) [K7]

00:47:38 Billy Lo – Do U Play Around [Cosmocities]

00:52:56 Lucky Sun feat. Alison David – Deep Love [Lucky Sun Recordings]

00:58:00 Lou Hayter – Time Out Of Mind [Skint Records]

01:01:30 João Selva – Navegar

01:06:01 Foremost Poets – Bread From Life Known Unknown

01:14:49 Crackazat – Alfa (Rick Wade remix)

01:20:37 Prequel – I Said I Wasn’t Gonna Fall In Love No More [Lumberjacks in Hell]

01:25:45 Axel Boman – Pink Mist

01:31:52 KDA x Lady Blackbird – Collage (Remix) [Foundation Music]

01:37:29 Waajeed – Lift Me Up’ (Original Mix) [Dirt Tech Reck]

01:42:38 Cody Currie – When The Time Is Right – (Original Mix) [Toy Tonics]

01:47:38 Fish Go Deep & Emilie Chick – Travelling

01:53:34 Apparel Wax – 008A1 [Apparel Wax]