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Stamp The Wax: Aaron L with Sven Atterton


Monthly show from London music platform Stamp the Wax, headed up by Editor-in-Chief Aaron L.

This month he is joined by Essex’s own electro-boogie bastion Sven Atterton for a live set. Previously on PPU and Omega Supreme, Sven’s just put out his second album on his newly-annointed Cruise Club Records. 

Album of the Week:
Antoine Kogut – Sphere of Existance [Versatile Records]

Contemplative pop, hovering funk, cosmic soul and jazz krautrock from the Syracuse member.

Flammer Dance Band

Afrobeat celebrations but these guys ain’t no rip-offs. All original compositions, full band set-up with an oddball Norwegian twist. Their debut album for
Lyskestrekk Records is a serious statement.

Listen now Tracklist

Collective Peace – Let The Music Play [BBE]
Colman – Empty Sky [Musique Plastique]
Te’Amir – Afrika [Tru Thoughts]
Antoine Kogut – L’oeillet Noir [Versatile]
Sven Atterton – Prime Time [Omega Supreme]
Lexx – Hot Weather (Dub) [Phantom Island]
Zootime – Amazonia [Moefment]
Domenique Dumont – Le Soleil Dans Le Monde [Antinote]
Phil France – Mr Jackall [Gondwana]
Antoine Kogul – Coquillage Argenté [Versatile]
Colman – Fallen Angel [Musique Plastique]
Flammer Dance Band – Slikker Sol Lyskestrekk Records]
Dissmentado – Genial [Huntleys + Palmers]
Fruit – 7xo Planets [Øen Recs]
Metric Systems – Everything Was Different [Best Effort]
Unknown – Untitled [Compact Disco]
Lukas Nystrand von Unge – sans titre [Studio Barnhus]

Sven Atterton – Live Set

Sven Atterton & L33 – Sun Set [Omega Supreme]
Sven Atterton – Step [Omega Supreme]
Sven Atterton – Dynalight [Omega Supreme]
Sven Atterton – Hidden Groove – Goodtimes [Omega Supreme]
Sven Atterton – Always remember [Omega Supreme]
Sven Atterton – Last of the Linn [Omega Supreme]
Sven Atterton – Jelly Squid [Cruise Club]
Sven Atterton – Purple License [Cruise Club]
Sven Atterton – Touch [Omega Supreme]

Dam-Funk – Bounce [Red-Eye]