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Stamp The Wax: Aaron L with Labdi


Monthly show from London music platform Stamp the Wax, headed up by Editor-in-Chief Aaron L.

Labdi is a revolutionary Kenyan musician and singer-songwriter, who stands as the only female orutu player in East Africa. The single-stringed fiddle originating from the Luo Community in Western Kenya was a taboo for women to play, but Labdi has reclaimed it with an infusion of indigenous Kenyan sounds (the taarab, ohangla, mwomboko and benga), soul, house and jazz. Labdi was featured in Five East African Artists You Need To Hear by Dazed.

Alongside Faizal Mostrixx, Hibotep, K15, Karun, Lex Amor Lynda Dawn and Maxwell Owin, Labdi is part of Extra Soul Perception, a creative collaboration made up of eight artists from UK, Kenya and Uganda. Their first EP, New Tangents…Vol 1, is out 3rd July.

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Album of the Month: Hugh B & Setwun – Yeah Definitely [Otis]
Rising: KinKai

Joseph Shabason feat. Drew Jurecka – Gymnopedia No 1 [Western Vinyl]
Contours feat Simmy Singh – 45npr [Self-Released]
Awkward Corners – Straight Ahead [Shapes of Rhythm]
Labdi – Live Session
K15 – Disillusioned [Neroli]
Moodymann – Let Me In [Mahogoni]
Hugh B & Setwun – Sweet Sweet [Otis]
J. Caeser – G Force (Mali-I Dub Version) [Villa Lena]
Kin Kai feat. Children of Zeus – Top Down [Kai70]
Donald’s House – Cosmic Sorbet [Touch From A Distance]
Strange Source Edits – Swimming With Sharks (GFH Edit) [Planet Trip]
Nelson of the East – Culto [Tartalet]
Ballare – Dancing [Strangelove]
Tom Noble – Shadow [Superior Elevation]
Consulate – Covenant [Good Company]
Rawell – Jamie on the Couch [Red Ember]
Austin Ato – What It Means [Five Miles]
Ron Trent – Jumbo Island [Music and Power]
Ian Fink – Black Iz [Self-Released]
Cygnus – Vectra Datasonix [Worldw Building]
Philou Louzolo – Ahosi Army (Alma Negra Remix) [Wokoundou]
Keleketla – Future Toyi (Gqom Version) [Ahead of our Time]
ZeroFG – Fudamental [Dr Banana]
MC Palakata & Tom Blip – Singelu Jungles [On The Corner]
Fade – Thinking of You [Of Paradise]
Long Body – Second Sight [Good Company]
O-Well – Ectid [Die Orakel]
Bergsonist feat. Tonina – Womankind’s Beauty [Hypercolour]
Julianna Barwick – Inspirit [Ninja Tune]
Kirk Degiorgio – Leave Everything Behind [Neroli]