Sound System Culture Special: Sherwood & Pinch // 16-02-17 ‐ Worldwide FM

Sound System Culture Special: Sherwood & Pinch // 16-02-17


Two undeniable heavyweights from the original and future waves of UK bass music, Adrian Sherwood of On-U Sound Records and Rob Ellis AKA Pinch, join us for our Soundsystem Culture Special.

Their second album, Man Vs. Sofa, is coming out on 24 February on Warp Records. They’re playing an album launch party on 11 March at Brixton Jamm with Flowdan, Kenny Ken & Hodge.

Listen now Tracklist

Elysian Springs – Blue Sands [Despa] // US

Mandinga – Ebenye [private] // Afro-caribbean

Beethova – Babylone [Gefraco] // Haïti

Kafé – Apre Nou Byen Cheche [Disques Debs] // Guadeloupe

Eko Kuango – Madesu [Recatamundi] // Belgium / Cameroun

Francis Bebey – Bamenda [Ozileka Records] // France / Cameroun

Gwakasonne – Atmosphere [Gefraco] // Guadeloupe

Régine – Sahamint [Hibiscus Records] // France / Martinica

Alesia Cosmos – H-Co [Planetarium] // France

Tony Hymas – Picture of Departure [Nato] // UK / France

Kha Ym – Voyage ou comment y aller [Roanne music] // France

Gigi Masin – Swallows Tempest [The Bear and the Moon Records] // Italy