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Sound Obsession: Kirk Degiorgio – Jazz Vocal Special Part 3


Sound Obsession is a monthly two hour deep dive into specific musical genres, artists, era’s. Host Kirk Degiorgio goes as deep as its possible to go with a chronological approach that includes everything from well-known classics to previously unheard gems.

This vol.3 completes 3 part of 6 hours of Jazz Vocal special. Featuring classics from Leon Thomas to beautiful Japanese Jazz by Ryo Kawasaki and much more.

Listen now Tracklist

Leon Thomas: Peace Of Mind (1973 Flying Dutchman)
Karin Krog: Raindrops, Raindrops (1974 Polydor)
Oscar Brown, Jr.: Brother, Where Are You? (1974 Atlantic)
Angelle: Too Many Irons In The Fire (1977 Epic)
David Benoit: Life Is LIke A Samba (1977 AVI)
Eddie Jefferson: Jeannine (1977 Muse)
Forgas: Reflet D’Ail (1977 Gratte-Ciel)
Irene Kral: Wheelers and Dealers (1977 Catalyst)
James Mason: Free (1977 Chiaroscuro)
Tarika Blue: Truth Is The Key (1977 Chiaroscuro)
Adele Sebastian: Daydreamer (1978 Nimbus West)
Billy Cobham: Bolinas (1978 Columbia)
Eddie Palmieri: Spirit Of Love (1978 Epic)
Joyce Hurley: Sunbath (1978 44)
Lorez Alexandria: Baltimore Oriole (1978 Discovery)
Patsy Gallant: Te Caliente (1978 Attic)
Lalo Schifrin: Middle Of The Night (1979 Tabu)
Linda Williams: Elevate Our Minds (1979 Arista)
Manolo: Canales (Love Will Pave The Way) (1979 A&M)
Pat Longo: I Believe In Love (1979 Townhall)
Paulinho Da Costa: Deja Vu (1979 Pablo Today)
Ron Eschete: To Let You Know I Care (1979 Muse)
Ryo Kawasaki: Trinkets & Things (1979 Openskye)
Azwon: Paradise Island (1980 JBF)
Clarice Labbe: There’s No Other Love (1980 J.M.T.)
Judy Roberts: The Other World (1980 Inner City)
Wendell Harrison: Take Time Out (1980 Wenha)
Fruitcake: We Are Children (1981 EMI)
Tyzik: Sweet Nothings (1982 Capitol)