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Sim Sima: Coco Em with Sim Sima 254


Tune in for a two hour show from Nairobi based DJ, Coco Em who explores the different sides of her taste as an eclectic selekta.

For the first episode of the year, Coco Em plays some unreleased WIP beats from the amazing crew at Sim Sima 254. They present tunes from Labdi, Janice Iche, DJ Malkia, IV, Blackmoon, Fluid, Rafiiki as well as a 2021 tune by Coco Em.

Get ready to hear an hour long set where Coco Em hits the ground running with fast 140 bpm tempos, high energy which are similar to how she started 2021. The mix also has a dancehall/gengetone session weaved in, an exciting blend!

As Boddhi Satva says in the song ‘Stop Crying’: “The world is changing. It’s not your fault. So keep on hustling.”

Listen now Tracklist

Sango – Eagle Energy

Maga Bo – Hurry Up

The busy twist – 1995 

Nazar – Immortal

Mastiksoul – Manya E grande

DJ Jeff & Maskarado – Elegom Bounsa

Gaia beat feat Alvade records – Matumbo

Qhizzo – Qhoqhoqho

Dom Peter – Conssage

Culoe de song – journey of love

Canicia – Yelele

Gaia beat – Nelson Mandela

Boddhi Satva – Stop crying

Jamie xx – Sleep sound

Lady Du, DBN Gogo – Dakiwe

Focalistic – Vrr Phaa

Mapara A Jazz – Dlegedla

Masterkraft – Equipment

B-Town mix – Ngeus Wagithomo

Mapara A Jazz – Corona

B- town – Wagithomo Refix mash up

Joefes Fathermoh – Wagithomo

Substance ft Natalie – Accelerate

Dmore – Tuko locked

Mbogi Genje – Kidungi

Natoxie & Chester – Pap pap

Mbogi Genje – Ikijipa

Sango – God lives

Ayshani – Wizkid Ginger take

Sim Sima beat club

Fluid beat

Iche Beat statement

Iche beat 1

Iche beat 2

Iche beat 3

Malkia  -Emile

Malkia – Kamaal remix

Malkia – Tony

Labdi – audio

Labdi – Teng’era

Labdi – Show key

Labdi – Monster Mash

Blackmoon – Apastron

Coco Em 2021

DJ IV – Bad manners edit

Rafiiki beat