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Tune in for Selección Mexicana for the next two hours.

This series dives into the folk music of Mexico, traversing regions through soundscape and culture, with focus on cumbia and sonidero traditions. Each month is hosted by a different DJ, crate-digger or musician representative of the traditional folk scene or nightlife and youth culture from Mexico and it’s border regions.

This month’s episode is recorded in 19°25’13.4″”N 99°10’18.6″”W (Ciudad de México).

On this episode of Selección Mexicana we have the presence of Yoana Herrera Orrala, best known as Joyce Mx Powercumbiero, part of a new sonidera generation, a woman and a cultural promoter. She presents to us a journey around the essential sounds of the Sonidero world, from bolero, mambo, salsa, guaracha and cumbia. Each vinyl is a stage, a memory that could never be erased from history.

The sonidero culture in Mexico City is a national treasure, no big party can exist without the presence of the selector, turntables and vinyls. Decades of knowledge in the dancefloor, and in the last years, tributes for its biggest stars have been created.

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