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Selección Mexicana with CANIJO


Tune in for Selección Mexicana with Canijo, recorded in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.

Manuel Martínez, known by his artist’s name Canijo, presents a set called “Orbitas y Veredas” (Orbits and Paths). Aptly named, this mix is a journey of records— Latin, funk, soul, and experimental tracks all rooted in the ancestral sound of the Americas. We are invited to discover and explore all the layers of this collection together.

The set begins with a trova from the state of Yucatán by Guty Cárdenas fused with a rock version of “Paloma Negra” (Black Dove) by Los Hermanos Carrión. From there, the path meanders into many places following the diverse rhythms of México.

Let Canijo take you from the borderlands of outer space to the dense jungles of Chiapas.