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Selassie TBC with Alfamist (Live)


A monthly show from Selassie TBC, one half of Future Bubblers, coming with a mixed bag of beats and grooves. This week he’s joined by London pianist, producer and beatmaker Alfamist.

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Low Vibe – Hearted Broken [Unknown] // Ukraine
Alvino – I’m Tired [Self Release] // UK
Low Vibe – Tinted [Unknown] // Ukraine
Wayne Snow – Freedom R.I.P. [Tartelet Records] // Germany
DJ Rasoul – Quiet Storm [Large Music] // Ivory Coast
Seiji – Question It [Bitasweet] // UK
Sango – Deus E Alegria [Sango] // US
Wardo – Rozay [Self Release] // UK
4i – 4th Eye (Freestyle) [Rue du Faubourg] // UK
2Pac – F**kin Wit The Wrong N***a [Interscope] // US
Scrapz – SWV Freestyle [Self Release] // UK
Kojo Funds – Fear No One [F&Y] // UK
Tfox – Naughtytime [TFOX] // US
Alfamist – 7th October [Alfamist] // UK
Alfamist and Emmavie – No Need To Wait [Self Release] // UK
Barney Artist – Beep Beep [Self Release} // UK
Alfamist – Live Session // UK
Alfamist – Live Session // UK
Alfamist – Live Session // UK
Esperanza Spalding – Noble Nobles [Concord Records] // US