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Rhythm Travels: Tash LC with Olugbenga


Tash LC is a radio host, DJ and music collector with a love for sounds from Africa and the Diaspora both old and new. Her monthly show Rhythm Travels is a sonic exploration through the music that has shaped Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.

This month, Tash is joined by Olugbenga Adelekan, an established solo artist as well as a member of Metronomy.


Listen now Tracklist

Ochestra Hi-Fives Nakokufa Lokola Nyama – Tayhoo [Pathe]
Surboum Africaine – Na Likambo Na Ngai? Bayake Te [Biem]
Ochestre Les Noirs Zozo – Masiya Batela Ngai [Unknown]
Troupe Ecole Tudu – Nikini Dada [Unknown]
Musique Traditionnelle d’Afrique – Face A  [Unknown]
Vários Artistas – Consuelate Como Yo [Concord Records]
Vários Artistas – Donde Estabas Anoche [Concord Records]
Rakoto Frah – Lohataonan Diavolana Ny Andro [Ace Records]
Stella Chiweshe – Gomoriye [Glitterbeat Records]
Eku Fantasy – January Is The Cruelest Month [EKU FANTASY]
Spoek Mathambo – Sifun’imali Yethu [Teka Records]
Afrobotica – One Leg Out [Unreleased]
Big Space – Prey For Me [Wet Dreams Recordings]
Moraka Secretary [Palm City]
Jumping Back Slash – I Keep Waiting [JBSINC]
Olugbenga – Silver Pixie Iyawo Mi [Replica Trophy]
Danvers – Aye Ata [WotNot Music]
Eku Fantasy – In Her Lifetime (Aero Manyelo Remix) [EKU FANTASY]
Loubassou Denis ”La Cloche” – Musique Sans Frontière [Moradisc]
Tchico Tchicaya – Soukouss Machine [Jimmy’s Production]
Arcade Fire – Peter Pan [Columbia]
Nubiyan Twist Feat. Nick Richards – Tell It To Me Slowly [Unknown]
Okyerema Asante – That’s My Girl [Unknown]
Black Motion Feat. Xoli – Set Me Free (Club Mix) [Ocha Records]
Fati Niger – Girma Girma [Sahel Sounds]

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