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Pete OtC with Wojtek Mazolewski


Pete OntheCorner is a DJ, music journalist and label boss at On the Corner Records. He’s joined by Polish jazz bassist and composer Wojtek Mazolewski and trio members Marek Pospreszelski and Jelcub Jerricki for a live performance.

Listen now Tracklist

Ruby Rushton – Moonlight Woman [22a] // UK
Silver Convention – Madhouse [Jupiter Records] // Germany

The Blackbyrds – Walking in Rhythm [Fantasy] // USA

Mike Umoh – Shake Your Body [Soundway] // Nigeria

Barney Wilen – Zombizar [Saravah] // France

Ya Tatchi & Majid Bekkas – Marhaba [Hippo Records] // Congo

Penya – Karachi [On The Corner Records] //

Mateo Carino – Move Your Body [Unknown] // Italy

El Mahdy Jr – Time To Sell The Golden Teeth [Boomarm Nation US] // Algeria

Ill Considered – Upstart [Not On Label] // UK

Speakers Corner Quartet – Angkor Vat [Lanquidity Records] // UK

Contemporary Noise Quintet – Walking Sin [Lanquidity Records] // Poland

Mitch & Mitch – A Little Scratch [Lanquidity Records] // Poland

Wojciech Karolak – Discopus Nr 1 Pt. 1 & 2 [If Music x Lanquidity Records] // Poland

Wojtek Mazolewski – London Live [Lanquidity Records] // Poland

Wojtek Mazolewski – Polka Live [Agora SA] // Poland

Wojtek Mazolewski – Punk-T Gdańsk Live [Agora SA] // Poland

Sunny Fortune – Awakening [Horizon Records & Tapes] // USA

Wille Wright & The Cannonballs – Ain’t No Sunshine [Cannonball Records] // USA

Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover [Warner Bros.] // USA

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