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New Music Worldwide: London Modular Alliance


New Music Worldwide is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian.

Stepping up for this weeks New Music Worldwide mix isĀ London Modular Alliance. The 3-man collective take base in the former industrial warehouses of Hackney Wick, London.

With a focus on modular design, production and performance within the dynamics of dance music. They have previously releases on labels such as Hypercolour, Dimensions Recordings and Applied Rhythmic Technology, the synthesiser wizards have awoken the sound of the future through the potency of the modular format.

Although mostly linked to electro through their live performances and releases, London Modular Alliance explore the varied sounds and styles of their collection in this weeks New Music Worldwide.

Listen now Tracklist

Disasterpeace – Beyond [Polytron]
Ossia – Gridlock (Lurka remix) [Berceuse Heroique]
Lee Gamble – B23 Steelhouse [PAN]
Glass Domain – Interlock [Clone]
Eoism – Suburban Life [Pulse Drift Recordings]
Lanark Artefax – Glass [UIQ]
Pinch – Brain Scan [Aquatic Lab]
Pip Williams – Complexities [Duality]
Cliques – 8th [Tempa]
Bay B Kane – Attack [white]
Yally – Dread Risk [Diagonal]
Jonny L – Piper [XL]
DJ Trace – Final Chapta [Dee Jay Recordings]
Tom & Jerry – Maxi(Mun) Style [not on label]
Luke Eargoogle – Goodbye No Forever [Brokn Toys]
Simultant – New Machines [Scopex]
London Modular Alliance – Exit Strategy [Unreleased]
Biome – Weekend [Kaizen]
Hiroshi Kawaguchi – Outrun End theme [Sega]

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