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DJ, Producer and founder of DMZ and DEEP MEDi MUSIK, Mala is one of the pioneers of UK bass music and a visionary best known for his contributions to the scene known as dubstep. He explores the past, present and future of his ever expanding collection.

Listen now Tracklist

Hania Rani – Sun [Gondwana Records]
Dubkasm – Victory (Mala Remix) [Dubkasm Records]
Søl – Amanita [Kaarbanik Sound]
Sir Hiss – Anatolian Heartland [Dubplate Exclusive]
Kahn – Polar Ft Rider Shafique (Gantz Remix) [Dubplate]
Commodo – Bitch & Moan [Black Acre]
Lord Jabu – Yagoda [Forthcoming Albion Collective]
Taiko – Flóki [Dubplate Exclusive]
Unknown – Untitled [Forthcoming Bandulu Records]
Mala X Nubya Garcia & Joe Armon Jones – Scratch & Erase [Lonely Table]
O$vmv$m – Spring [Idle Hands]
Rider Shafique – I-dentity [Young Echo]
Somah X Rider Shafique – Hebrew Flip [Forthcoming Deep Medi]
Nomine – Blind Man [Tempa]
Traces – Adapt [Forthcoming Albion Collective]
Distinct Motive – Radar [Deep Dark & Dangerous]
Schlachthofbronx – Dun Dem [Zam Zam]
Two Rangers – Stallion Steppa [Forthcoming Deep Medi]
Ternion Sound – 5778 [Gourmet Beats]
Mr. K – Glue [Forthcoming Wheel & Deal]
J. Sparrow – Double Time Skank [Deep Medi]
Flowdan – Welcome to London [Spent Shell]
Unknown – Untitled [I&I Music]