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Krunk Kulture: Flavours of the East with Fopchu


Tune in for Flavours of the East on Worldwide FM presented by Krunk Kulture, a record label based in India. The show aims to showcase the most exciting electronic music coming out of India and the subcontinent.

Krunk Kulture is part of Krunk, one of India’s oldest running events and artist management agencies pushing electronic and live music in India since 2009 operated by DJ, producer and label head, Sohail Arora.

This episode is hosted by FOPCHU, one of India’s quirkiest & freshest electronic duos outta New Delhi. They just recently released a brand new 5 song EP called Tall Tales on Krunk Kulture. In order to celebrate this release, Fopchu have curated a really special playlist for this show, featuring some very talented musicians and music from India including a lot of their original music. So buckle up or slip into a bath, whatever is comfortable for you to check out this two hour long foplaylist!

Listen now Tracklist

1. Fopchu – Just a Natural (Krunk Kulture)
2. Fopchu – Guacamole (Krunk Kulture)
3. Fopchu – Dil Billi (Self released)
4. Fopchu – Fopera (Self released)
5. Fopchu – Beatz 2 (Krunk Kulture)
6. Fopchu – Ufunkyer (unreleased demo)
7. Fopchu – Sweeth tooth (Live)
8. Fopchu – Impromptu jam (Live)
9. Fopchu – Snakes & Ladders (Live)
10. Fopchu – Time & Time Again (self released)
11. Begum – Ten years later (unreleased)
12. The Jazz B’stards – Greeneland (unreleased)
13. The Jazz B’stards – Errr (Stiff kittens recs.)
14. Jamblu feat. Shantam & Mourning Morning – Gone Swimming (self released)
15. Mystasea – Sitarting Up (Sounds of Bhu)
16. Mystasea – Album Edit (Sounds of Bhu)
17. Jamblu – Extended Priorities (self released)
18. Siddh – Dusted Will (Noosphere Network)
19. Siddh – Fallington (Noosphere Network)
20. Daisuke Tanabe – Dholasuke (Krunk Kulture)
21. Daisuke Tanabe – Tablasuke (Krunk Kulture)
22. Siddh – Diplomatic ( Nooshphere Network)
23. Shantam mixtape (Ceramic recs, Noosphere network, OrbitaParvati recs.)