Krisp Biscuits Radio: Mikey D.O.N ‐ Worldwide FM

Krisp Biscuits Radio: Mikey D.O.N


Tune in for hip-hop pioneer and award winning DJ, Mikey D.O.N‘s show Krisp Biscuits Radio on Worldwide FM.

With an extensive record collection ranging across all genres, Mikey delves into his cocoa baskets to bring you delectable ‘Krisp Biscuits’ to devour and digest. Expect to hear the odd dubplates too.

Listen now Tracklist

1)        Scarface – Guess Who’s Back (Def Jam)

2)        Mr. Live – Relax Y’Self (Fondle ‘Em)

3)        Freeway – What We Do (Def Jam)

4)        Freeway – What We Do Instrumental (Def Jam)

5)        InI – Props (Elektra)

6)        Lakim Shabazz – Need Some Lovin’ (Tuff City)

7)        Maspyke – No Big Deal (BukaRance / ABB)

8)        Adriana Evans – Hey Brother (PMP / Loud)

9)        Kim Edwards – Stand Tall (Conscious)

10)        The Sugar Hill Gang – Passion Play (Sugar Hill)

11)        Zulema – Wanna Be Where You Are (RCA)

12)        Johnnie Taylor – What About My Love (Beverly Glen Music)

13)        Eugene Record – Overdose Of Joy (Warner Brothers)

14)        Leroy Hutson – Love The Feeling (Curtom)

15)        Linda Lewis – Sideway Shuffle (Reprise)

16)        Bobby Humphrey – Jasper Country Man (Blue Note)

17)        The Legendary Beyons – Love Notes (Albina Music Trust)

18)        Dee Dee Sharp Gamble – Easy Money (Philadelphia International)

19)        Dee Sharp – Rising To The Top (Fashion)

20)        Dennis Brown – Someone Special (Yvonne’s Special)

21)        Dennis Brown – Have You Ever (Power House)

22)        Prince Malachi – Greater Things In Life (Stingray)

23)        Michael Rose – Babylon City (Stingray)

24)        Frankie Wilmott – I Won’t Give Up (Music House)

25)        5th Of Heaven – Just A Litttle More (Remix) (Mixout)