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John Gómez


John Gómez is a DJ and curator based in London, via Madrid.


Listen now Tracklist

Clarion Fracture Zone – Moeshoeshoe The First [ABC Records]
Len Leise – Stars For Jorge [Len Leise Edits]
Marcia Hines – You Gotta Let Go [Wizard]
Asphixiation – Aural Risk [Innocent]
Sister Irene O’Connor – Fire [Alba House]
Delaney Venn – Cub Dub [Leo Records]
Arvo – Bikini [CBS]
30/70 – Breaking (For This World Myself) [Rhythm Section]
Sue Barker – Love to the People [Crest]
Clarion Fracture Zone – Blue Shift [ABC Records]
Winters – Dedication [Parallel People]
Phil Stroud – Yemaja [Good Company Records]
Renee Geyer – Be There In The Morning [RCA]