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International Tribe: Sarah Farina


International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian.

This week’s International Tribe mix comes from Sarah Farina

What you hear is all you need to know when it comes down to Sarah Farina. Mixing a blend of bass-heavy footwork, futuristic beats with fearless journeys through UK Funky and R&B, the German-born DJ is a true selector.

She is recognised and revered by the best of the bass music contemporaries, with links to crews globally including Teklife, Hyperdub, Deep Medi and many more. As the driver behind the formation of Through My Speakers, the event production collective, she is also a key member of the now formed record label.

Farina is also a regular selector at her night Rec Room at OHM, as well as one of the minds behind New Forms at the club Watergate, a collaborative project she runs alongside DBridge, Kabuki and other Through My Speakers members. For her International Tribe mix, Farina explores the depths of low-end club music, with an assortment of bass weight, Garage, Rnb and more.

Listen now Tracklist

How Du – Testing [Banoffe Pies]
Adryiano – Feel What you Do (Dirty Mix) [Soul Notes]
Sounbwoy Killah – Yours [Sneaker Social Club]
Ghost – Long Time Rolla [White Label]
Sunship feat. Anita Keisey – Heaven (Old Soul Boy Dub) [Filter]
Azealia Banks – Desperado [Azelia Banks Records]
Zed Bias – Neighbourhood (El-B Remix) [Locked On]
D-Base – 1999 Believe In Yourself [D-Base]
Neinzer – Horus [Time Dance]
Special Request – Mindwash [Houndstooth]
Benny Ill – Dread Drumz (Remix) [Versions]
Ago – Zero Shift [Innamind Recordings]
Geode – Aggriculture (Sub Basics Remix) [White Label]
Pangae – You & I [Hessle Audio]
Skeptical – Echo Dub [Tempa]
Lurka & Commodo – Capisce? [Black Box]
Cuthead – Dubintro [Rat Life]
Rude Bwoy Monty – Jungle Man [Frontline Records]
Sam Binga feat. Warrior Queen – Wasted Days (Sully Remix) [SBSLS]
Naocape – Clouds [Iberan Juke]
Taso & DJ Earl – Massage Situation [Teklife]
Martyna Baker – Fear The Fall (Etch Remix) [White Label]
Chimpo – Stanna Stairlift [White Label]
Taso, DJ Manny & DJ Tre – Bussin [Teklife]