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International Tribe: Neinzer


International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian.

This week’s International Tribe mix comes from Neinzer.

Starting producing at the age of 15, Neinzer takes influences from the smooth and deep sounds of Efdemin, Call Super and Rhythm & Sound to name a few. Originally coming from the UK capital, Neinzer now finds himself based in Berlin. His style can be described as a UK influenced form of techno, with a soft spot for slightly weird and off-kilter sounds

He is a long time affiliate with the record label Yumé, which is run by Michael Yume. He has also released on labels such Bradley Zero’s International Black, Deep Moves and Timedance. His latest track ‘Horus’ came out on the Patina Echoes compilation on Timedance this year.

For his International Tribe mix, Neinzer selects a curation of grooves or as in his words “This mix is a pretty chunky and rolling mix. I often prefer to start podcasts with a slower and more abstract beginning… but, because of my current life situation, I feel the catharsis of something powerful and energetic is helpful at the moment.”

Listen now Tracklist

rRoxymore – Cosmopolitanism [Monkeytown Records]
People Plus – Work It Out Incienso [Forthcoming]
STL – Hide & Seek (Jonas Friedlich Dub) [Boogie Box Records]
Beatrice Dillon – Halfway Where to Now [White Label]
Skudge Quasi – SKUDGE012 [Skudge Records]
Laksa – Delicates [Ilian Tape]
Gramrcy & Voodoo Charles – Off Beam [Glasstalk]
Nautiluss – Liquid Sky [Seilscheibenpfeiler]
EQD 02 – Untitled [EQD]
Endian – Birdhouse [Nonplus]
Marcel Dettmann = Duel [50 Weapons]
Tessela – With Patsy [Polykicks]
Viers – Moomin Trash [Figure]
SP-X – Crossed In Flight (Original) [Form And Function]
Roman Poncet – Turn Down [Figure]
Kessel Vale – Stroke [RFR]