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Earl Zinger (The Diabolical Liberties)


Earl the Zinger reflects on the gloomy turn of weather with a tastefully Diabolical (capital D!) mix of avant-garde techno, dark dub and more.


Harry Partch – Ring Around The Moon [Jeanne Dielman] // Italy
Shackleton – Rinse Out All Contaminants (With Ernesto Tomasini) [Honest Jon’s] // UK
American Indian Ensemble – Shawnee Stomp Dance [Orchard Enterprises] // USA
Peter Zummo – Well Let Me Say Something [Optimo Music] // UK
Asian Women On The Telephone – Maxutkina Song [Bandcamp] // Russia
23 Skidoo – Kundalini [Fetish Records] // UK
Suns Of Arqa – Asian Rebel [Emotional Rescue] // UK
Singers & Players – Kunta Kinte [On-u Sound] // UK
Rhythm & Sound w/ Cornell Campbel – King In My Empire [Burial Mix] // Germany
Singers & Players – Reaching Bad Man [On-U Sound] // UK
Cabaret Voltaire – News From Nowhere [Rough Trade] // UK
Whilst – Goya’s Skull [Optimo Music] // UK
Montezumas Rache & Dominik Von Senger – Guten Morgen Bromio [Emotional Response] // UK
Arthur Russell – Calling All Kids (Walter Gibbons Mix) [Rough Trade] // UK
Aged In Harmony – Trust Me [Melodies International] // USA
Taiguara – Publico (Odeon) // Brazil
Ronnie McNeir – Wendy Is Gone (Prodigal) // USA
Black Zone Myth Chant – White Voice [Winged Sun Records] // France
Shabba Ranks – Respect [Shang Muzik] // Jamaica
Minor Science – Naturally Spineless [Whities] // UK
Rodinia – Drumside Part II [Now-Again Records] // USA
Niagara – Abacaxi Limao [Principe] // Portugal
Maximum Joy – Silent Street / Silent Dub [99 Records] // USA
The Murphy Federation – Fed Up Skank [Optimo Music] // UK

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