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Drummers Inc: Rupert Clervaux


Drummers Inc. is a weekly series, giving our favourite drummers a platform to showcase their favourite rhythms.

Experimental musician and poet Rupert Clervaux will take over Drummers Inc this week.

After Masterpieces sets six recitals of Rupert’s poetry in unique, unpredictable, and expansive musical scenery. The broad thematic scope takes in aesthetics, ancient mythologies, the origins of language and music, epistemology, and ecology, to name just a few. Alongside the announcement, he’s released  “In Shadowlands of Like and Likeness” and “L’amore che Muove il Sole,” (feat Anna Homler), both taken from the record.

Clervaux is based between London and Mallorca. He last appeared in 2016 with an album alongside Beatrice Dillon called Two Changes, but has also collaborated with Alexis Taylor, Ben Vince, and The Radiophonic Workshop.

Listen now Tracklist

Mark Sanders – (1)
About Group – Swan Ride
William Parker & Hamid Drake – Heavenly Walk
Juju – Freedom Fighter
Pharoah Sanders – Prince of Peace
John Coltrane – Mars
Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen – Sinuhe
Vida Vojić – Transparency
Valentina Magaletti & Yves Chadouët – Improvisation No.2
Rupert Clervaux – Make Nature Speak
Disarm – Two Drums
Colin Walcott – Mumakata
Elysia Crampton – Oscollo (drums only version)
Spring Heel Jack – Church Music
Marion Brown – Dance No.1
Boredoms – Seadrum
Ikue Mori & Steve Noble – Seismic Waves
Ben Vince – Resolve
Pinna – 3
Keith Jarrett – Endless