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Drummers Inc: Malcolm Catto


Drummers Inc. is a weekly series, giving our favourite drummers a platform to showcase their favourite rhythms.

This week we’re joined by Malcolm Catto, producer and drummer of London experimental psych jazz band the Heliocentrics.

Listen now Tracklist

Den Hard – Do [Mental Groove Records]
David Lee Jr – Cosmic Vision [Supernal]
Fer’et El Moseeqa El Arabeya – Rhythm Of the Nile [Moseeqa Records]
Daara-J – Le Defi [Couleurs]
Beacham Coakley – Emerald Beach Junkanoo [Vintage 2016]
Konono No1 – Lufuala Ndonga [Crammed Discs]
Mahafaly, masikoro, musiques vezo – Ronde Dansee Dite Du Genre Tuusi [Unknown]
Giles Sala – Pwtit Roi Des Ananas [Barclay Afrique]
Bongos Ikwue – Woman Made The Devil [Bik Entertainments]
Idrissa Soumaoro & L’eclipse De L’l Ja – Nissodia [Eterna]
Peter King – Freedom Dance [Strut Records]
Johnny Dyani – Radebe [Yonca]
Hermento Paschoal – Gaio Da Roseira [De Luxe]
Eric Dolphy – Iron Man [Douglas Records]
The Heliocentics – Looking Back [Now Again Records]
T.K Ramamoorthy – Udaya Ravu Chandrika [Em Records]
Karma Sitar – 101 Strings Orchestra [Alshire Records]
Electric Piano Playground – Psychedelic Piano Playground [Purple Pyramid]
UFO – Evil [Beacon]
Robert Wyatt – To Mark Everywhere [Columbia]
Victims of Chance – Break Away [Crest View Records]
John Barry – This is How You Dance
LLia Gorovitz – Turmoil