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DJ-Kicks Radio: Juba with Special Request and Teki Latex


For DJ-Kicks Radio on Worldwide FM Juba will be catching up with past DJ-Kicks contributors, as well as artists on the DJ-Kicks radar, for in-depth chats and music.

For the final DJ-Kicks Radio show, Juba is ending on a high with Special Request, the latest DJ-KiCKS mix curator, whose offering came out on the 19th March 2021. They reflect on Special Request’s musical influences, legacies and talk and play through his DJ-Kicks. The show closes off with a special guest mix from Teki Latex (the first non-interviewee guest mix for DJ-Kicks Radio) showcasing 30 mins of his characteristically daring style.

Thanks to everyone for being part of the DJ-Kicks Radio journey!

Listen now Tracklist

Vellichor – Special Request
KissFM NY87 Mastermix – Special Request
Drocovums – μ-Ziq
R U Hot Enough – Virgo
Sequence Of Life – AceMo
Priestess – Harvey Sutherland
Pull Up (Tim Reaper VIP remix) – Special Request
Glasgow to Detroit – Galaxian
Twangle Frent – μ-Ziq
Delta Waves – Intergalactic Quartet
Drowning In Her – Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
Elysian Fields – Special Request,
De-Orbit – Speedy J
Gates of Heaven – Psyance
Cluster Of Galaxies – Sun Ra & Solar Arkesta
Hayling by – Kahuna

Teki Latex Mix

Zoolook – Jean-Michel Jarre
Body Electric – The Hacker
Msr017 – P-Jam and Trends
Muhammad Ali – Grandmixxer
System Error – Arma
What you waiting for – Mark V & Poogie Bear
Stockholm Shuffle – Peder Mannerfelt
The Mandalorian – Ludwig Göransson
Afta hours – Impey, AceMo and Baadnews
Iceman theme (from Megaman on NES) – Manami Matsumae
Thoughts leak from me – Renslink