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Run Dem Sound: Charlie Dark


Run Dem Sound is a monthly deep dive through the dancehall, hip hop and reggae crates of DJ, Poet and Run Dem Crew founder DJ Charlie Dark. Expect classics, rarities and impossible finds along with some chat to get you out of your seat. Vibes upon vibes upon vibes for the people dem.


Listen now Tracklist

Dibby Dibby Sound-Cocoa Tea(Digital B)
My Sound A Murderer-Tony Curtis and Jigsy King(Stone Love)
Special Guest-Capleton(Outernational)
Bad Boy-Super C(Hi Power)
Ready Done-Nitty Gritty(Hi Power)
Ninja Mi Ninja-Courtney melody(Firehouse)
Retreat-Cutty Ranks(Soljie)
Rougher Than Them-Conray Smith(Soljie)
Dibby Dibby Sounds-Papa Beeto(Raiders)
Duck-Red Dragon(Jammys)
Winey Winey-Admiral Bailey(Jammys
Bad Bad Chaka-Chaka Demus(Jammys)
Pocoman Jam-Gregory Peck(Steely and Clevie)
Cu-Kun-Kun-Red Dragon(Dragon Records)
Stop Dis The Girls Them-Cobra(Sinbad)
Rama A Jama-Daddy Woody(Sinbad)
Benz Punany-Grindsman(Dragon)
Length and Strength-Super Barry(raiders)
Ragga Ragga-Terry Ganzie(Digital B)
Di Agony-Angie Angel(Shocking Vibes)
Mud Up-Super Cat(Skengdom)
House Mouse-Shabba Ranks(Digital B)
What Time Is It-Admiral Bailey(CJ Records)
Treat The Woman Right-Terry Ganzie(Rude Boy)
Dem Flap -Spragga Benz(Digital B)
When-Tiger(Steely and Clevie)
No Retreat-Terror Fabulous(Penthouse)
Gone A Brooklyn-Don Ranger(Harry U)
Cabin Stabbing-Jr Demus, Nicodemus, Super Cat(Wild Apache)
Modelling Queen-Eek-A-Mouse(Heartbeat)
Five Nights Of Bleeding-Poet and the Roots(Virgin)
Babylon-Jonny Clark(Jah Shaka Music)
Report To Me-Gregory Isaacs(Greensleeves)
Rat A Cut Bottle-Lion Youth(Virgo Stomach)
Wicked Rule-Martin Campbell(Raggadelic)
Hard Times-Pablo Gad(No Label)
Sons of Slaves-Junior Delgado(Trojan)
Out of Bondage-Harold Butler(Water Lily)
Beds Too Big Without You-Sheila Hylton(Island Records)

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