Brownswood Basement: 22a Takeover with EABS & Tenderlonious, Ruby Rushton and Tom Armstrong (The Move Magazine) ‐ Worldwide FM

Brownswood Basement: 22a Takeover with EABS & Tenderlonious, Ruby Rushton and Tom Armstrong (The Move Magazine)


London based jazz label 22a present the Brownwood Basement show, bringing together extended family and acts close to their hearts for a session of live music and discussion.

They are joined by an assortment of guests including EABS, Astigmatic Records and Tom Armstrong from The Move magazine, while Ruby Rushton perform exclusive live tracks.

Tenderlonious and Dennis Ayler join the dots in between with exclusives and new music from around the globe.

Find out the energy of EABS and magic collaboration between EABS and Tenderlonious ahead of their joint performance at TRC on 16 February 2018.

All photography by Martin Eito.


22a boss, producer, saxophonist and latter day flute enthusiast, Tenderlonious  bridges jazz, house and beats with restless ease, with his ensemble projects Ruby Rushton and 22archestra. He took a trip to Poland and was inspired by the energy and creativity of the Polish jazz world, and channels that in this weeks Brownswood Basement session.

Ruby Rushton

Tenderlonious-led group jazz quintet Ruby Rushton, perform the first of two live sets, premiering two new tracks scheduled for release in 2018.

After a whirlwind 2017 in which they released two new albums to critical acclaim, Trudi’s Songbook: Volume Two was nominated for ‘Best Jazz Album of the Year’ at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards.


Electro-Acoustic Beat Session, AKA EABS, are leading the Polish jazz renaissance, blending hip-hop, jungle, funk, gospel and electronic music to add a futuristic tone to their brand of jazz. The septet use sampling and looping, merged with jazz improvisations. They perform live to showcase the best of Polish jazz.

Astigmatic Records

Astigmatic Records is an independent vinyl label specialising in Polish jazz, funk and psych rock records. Label bosses Lukasz Wojciechowski and Sebastian Jóźwiak chat to their signees EABS about the jazz scene in Poland.

Tom Armstrong (The Move)

Founder of independent print magazine The Move, Tom Armstrong passes through to discuss the publication as well as give his thoughts on the current scene in London.

Listen now Tracklist

Darkhouse Family – The Offering [First Word Records]
Collocutor – Black Satin [On The Corner Records]
Tenderlonious & The 22archestra ‎- Yussef’s Groove [22a]
Kamal Abdul Alim ‎- Brotherhood [52e Rue Est]

Ruby Rushton Live //

Ruby Rushton – Lara’s Theme [22a]
Ruby Rushton – Prayer For Grenfell [22a]

Tenderlonious – Togo [Unreleased]
Ruby Rushton – Tisbury Truckin [22a]
Omas Sextet – First Ways [Forthcoming on 22a]
Emma Jean Thackray – Red Bush [Unreleased]
Paradox Ensemble – Brahman [Unreleased]
Mankunku Quartet – Doodlin'[Jazzman]
Mankunku Quartet – Bessie’s Blues [Jazzman]
Slum Village – Jealousy [Rewor”k” The Art Inc.]
Fatima – Somebody Else [Forthcoming on Eglo]
Neue Grafik – Dance To Yemanja [Unreleased]
Sweely – Stronger Than Me [Lobster Theremin]
The Ensemble Al Salaam – Optimystical [Strata East]

EABS Live //

EABS – Perly I Dukaty XIV / Repetition [Astigmatic Records]
EABS – Kraksa [Unreleased]

EABS – Pingwin IV [Astigmatic Records]
EABS Feat. Michal Urbaniak – Free Witch and No Bra Queen / Sult [Astigmatic Records]
John Klemmer – Free Soul [Cadet Concept]
Surly – Whispers Through The Wall [Astigmatic Records]
Jaubi – Lahore State Of Mind (Al Dobson Remix) [Unreleased]
Naphta – Explorers Judgement [Forthcoming on Astigmatic Records]
Sarmacja – Ziemia Lapie Oddech [Forthcoming on Astigmatic Records]
Henry Keen – Connectin’ [Madd Jazz Recordings]
Airto – Return To Forever [CTI Records]

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