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Artform Radio: Adrian Younge


We continue our weekly shows from the heart of Los Angeles. Artform Radio is a storefront radio excursion, a diverse journey into forward thinking music, culture and ideas and a series of live broadcasts that will take place every Thursday from 12 PM to 8 PM (PST) / 8 PM to 4 AM (GMT), coming to you from The Artform Studio in Los Angeles via Worldwide FM.

Tune in for an hour long show from DJ and unconventional hip-hop producer Adrian Younge.

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Adrian younge: revisionist history 101
Adrian younge: The American negro
Adrian younge: the black broadcast
Adrian younge: Revolutionize
Adrian younge: double consciousness
Adrian Younge: watch the children
Adrian Younge: dying on the run
Adrian younge: Intransigence of the blind
Adrian younge: James minced jr.
Adrian younge: disadvantaged without a title
Adrian younge: Mama
Marvin Gaye. What’s going on
Cymande. Listen
Sly Johnson. Is it because I’m black
Curtis mayfield. If there’s a hell below
Impressions. Choice of colors
The impressions. Keep on pushin.
The impressions. People get ready
Gil Scott heron, Brian Jackson. Winter in America.

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Adrian Younge


Adrian Younge