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African Acid Is The Future: Maryisonacid invites Vic Crezée


Tune in for a monthly show from Berlin party crew African Acid is the Future. From afro to techno, and a lot more in between. An acid trip around Afro rhythms, travelling from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Congo to Ghana, cruising on electronic sounds, cosmic rhythmics and psychedelic vibrations.

On this month’s show, Maryisonacid invites Amsterdam based DJ Vic Crezée for a special selection.

Listen now Tracklist

Guem – Le Serpent

Dauwd – La Nota (Psssh Records)

Nubiyan Twist – Addis To London (Feat. Mulatu Astatke)

Star Feminine Band – Iseo (Born Bad Records)

Florence Adooni – Mam Pe’ela Su’ure

Alostmen feat. Ambolley – Minus me

Nah Eeto – What About Me?

Lucked In – Debi Debi (Delonte’s Debi Dub)

Liraz – Hala

Omni AM – Naked Groove

Chris Doria – Jinde

Carlota – entropy to syntropy (Trip)

MF Doom – Yessir ft Raekwon

Navy Blue – Sea Bass

Salami Rose Joe Louis – Fuck “Eager to please”

Vic Crezée

Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy – Al Weshaya

Tvii Son – Iryna

Metal Preyers – Peppa

Dr. Rhythm – Untitled

Ra.H – Timepops

33.10.3402 – Lviv

Griffit Vigo – Ree’s Vibe

DJ Darmlex – Lagos Beat

TRjj – DEM Gaze

African Head Charge – Far Away Chant

Drexciya – Take Your Mind

Rude 66 – Untitled

Lucifer – The Ride Of Aida (Voodoo)