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Tiff’s Joints with Born Cheating & Deoke


Tiff’s Joints with Born Cheating and Deoke // 22-12-16

London based label, Tiff’s Joints take over for 2hrs. Label head Born Cheating is joined by Deoke, who plays keys for Andrew Ashong and is lined up for the next Tiff’s Joints release.

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Moe Koffman ‎– Digs (Archaeology)(Museum Pieces) [Janus Records] // US

Anthony Watson – I Can’t Stop This Feeling (Solid Love Affair) [SRO Records] // US

Leroy Hutson ‎– Love To Hold You Close (Hutson II) [Curtom] // US

The Parker Brothers – Roller Dancin (The Parker Brothers) [Favorite Recordings] // US

Searchlight – Gaze Into Your Eyes (Searchlight) [Isom & Isom Records]

Chico Batera ‎– No Va Más / Nana-Yo [Som Livre] // Brazil

D’Angelo – Brown Sugar (7 Samurai Remix) [White Label] // AUS

TRZ Trio – Flanando (TRZ Trio EP) //

Gilberto Gil ‎– Toda Menina Baiana [WEA] // UK

Skymark ‎–Flying Fantasy  Résistance Sonore [Modern Sun Records]

We The People ‎– On The Way To L.A. (On The Way To L.A.) [Davel Music] // US

Weather Report – [Columbia] // US

Shadow – We Gonna Have a Party

Karen Jones – I Believe In Music [Canadian Talent Library] //

Jonny Drop – Billy’s Girl (White Label) // UK

Fafá De Belém – Naturalmente (Bernardo Pinheiro Edit) [White Label] // UK

Emilio Santiago ‎– O Amigo De Nova York [Philips] // Brazil

Check The Guns ‎– Pass The Music On (The Dr Edit) [Tape Edit 006] // UK

  1. J. Rogers ‎–  Luv U 4 [BT002] [Buried Treasure] // UK

Unknown Artist ‎– Pedra Fala! (Legalize Lambada) [Legalize Lambada] // CRO

Black Classical – Voduns (Candomblé) [On The Corner] // UK
Modified Man – Questionable Things (Modifications: Set 1) // UK

Oribata – Batuki [Tiff’s Joints] // UK

Tahira – Raça (Tahira Rework) //

Deoke – Forthcoming Tiffs Joints 002

Mark Force ft. Bembe Segue – Smoke It (Blakai Remix)

Z Lovecraft – 99p Dub [forthcoming No Bad Days] // UK

Celestial Being – (Celestial Being Ep 1)

Deoke – Forthcoming Tiffs Joints 002

Altzy Veloso – Festa Na Cinelandia

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