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The Lesson: DJ Gilla & Mr Thing ~ J Dilla’s Donuts


Tune in for a show from DJ Gilla, A&R/founder of First Word Records and Mr Thing of BBE and First Word records. They present you ‘The Lesson’, a show about producing, playing and enjoying hip-hop.

For this month’s ‘The Lesson’, Mr Thing and Gilla focus on J Dilla’s classic album Donuts. Released just 3 days before it’s creators untimely death, Donuts is a modern masterpiece, with a hidden story unlike any other record in Hip Hop. Mr Thing & Gilla will be taking a look at the making of the record, the samples used and the mythology surrounding one of this century’s truly great records.

Listen now Tracklist

J Dilla – Donuts (Outro) (Stones Throw)

Mos Def – History (Instrumental)

J Dilla – The D (None)

Busta Rhymes – Still Shining (Elektra)

Busta Rhymes – Still Shining (Instrumental) (Elektra)

Slum Village – I Don’t Know (Instrumental) (Good Vibe Records)

A Tribe Called Quest – Steppin’ It Up (Instrumental) (Jive)

J Dilla – It’s Like That (Instrumental) (BBE)

Madlib & J Dilla – The Message (Stones Throw)

J Dilla –  Beat 13 (None)

Jaylib – The Red (Instrumental) (Stones Throw)

J Dilla – The New (Stones Throw)

J Dilla – Keep On (None)

J Dilla – Pillz (None)

J Dilla – Rico Suave Bossa Nova (BBE)

J Dilla – Airworks (Stones Throw)

J Dilla – Starz (Instrumental) (Stones Throw)

===========MR THING J DILLA BEATS MIX==================

B.R. Gunna – Intro (Barak)

Ringo Starr – Ocapella (EMI)

J Dilla – In The Streets (Vintage Vibez Group)

J Dilla – UNKNOWN (None)

The Robert Decormier Singers – Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (Command)

J Dilla – Unknown (None)

J Dilla – Fantastic 3 (None)

J Dilla – Unknown (None)

The Marvelettes – You’re The One For Me Bobby (Tamla)

J Dilla – Unknown (None)

The Impressions – We Must Be In Love (Custom)

J Dilla – Love (Instrumental) (BBE)

J Dilla – Unknown (None)

The 4 Tops – Eleanor Rigby (Motown)

J Dilla – Unknown (None)

J Dilla – Unknown (None)

J Dilla – Say It! (None)

J Dilla – Unknown (None)

Gentle Giant – The Advent Of Panurge (Vertigo)

J Dilla – Friends (None)

J Dilla – Human Nature (None)

J Dilla – Like A Dog (None)

Caravan – A Vert Grubby, Smelly Little Oak / Bobbing Wide (BTM)

Jay Dee – Flyyyyy (Bling 47)

================MIX ENDS======================

J Dilla – ASD Slow (None)

J Dilla – Beat 7 (None)

J Dilla – Beat 2 (None)

J Dilla – Stop (Stones Throw)

J Dilla – Beat 4 (None)

J Dilla – Beat 31 (None)

Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Untitled / Fantastic (Mochilla)

J Dilla – Dilla Says Go (Stones Throw)

J Dilla – Beat 15 (None)

J Dilla – People (Stones Throw)

J Dilla – Bounce (None)

J Dilla – Beat 9 (None)

J Dilla – Beat 1 (None)

Mad Skillz – The Jam (Big Beat Records)

J Dilla – Won’t Do (Instrumental) (BBE)

J Dilla – Walkinonit (Stones Throw)

=========MR THING DONUTS MIX==================

B.R. Gunna – Intro (Barak)

Luther Ingram – To The Other Man (Koko)

J Dilla – Gobstopper (Stones Throw)

J Dilla – Stop (Stones Throw)

J Dilla – Waves (Stones Throw)

Motherlode – When I Die (Buddha)

J Dilla – Donuts Intro (Stones Throw)

J Dilla – Workinonit (Stones Throw)

The Sylvers – Only One Can Win (Pride)

J Dilla – Two Can Win – J Rocc Extended Version (Stones Throw)

Raymond Scott – Lightworks (Basta)

J Dilla – Lightworks (Stones Throw)

The Weinberg Method – Animosity (Anvil)

J Dilla – The Factory (Stones Throw)

Martha Reeves – Sweet Misery (MCA)

J Dilla – Thunder (Stones Throw)

The Roots – Donuts Outro (None)

The Jimi Entley Sound – Charlie’s Theme (Espionage)

Mountain – Long Red (Windfall)

J Dilla – Stepson Of The Clapper (Stones Throw)

J Dilla Feat Roc C and Oh No – Louder (Stones Throw)

Africa – Light My Fire (Ode)

J Dilla – Light It Again (J Rock Extended Version) (Stones Throw)

Kool & The Gang – Fruitman (Polydor)

J Dilla – The Diff’rence (Stones Throw)

Galt MacDermot – Golden Apples Pt II (Kilmarnock)

J Dilla – Mash (Stones Throw)

J Dilla feat DOOM & Guilty Simpson – Mash’s Revenge (Stones Throw)

The Jackson 5 – All I Do Is Think Of You (Motown)

The Roots – Donuts (Can’t Stop This) (DEF JAM)

J Dilla – Time (The Donut Of The Heart) (Stones Throw) 


Jaubi – Time The Donut Of The Heart (Astigmatic Records)

Slum Village – Fall In Love (Instrumental)

J Dilla – Last Donut Of The Night (Stones Throw)

J Dilla – Don’t Cry (Stones Throw)

J Dilla – Hi (Stones Throw)

J Dilla – Bye (Stones Throw)

Erykah Badu – Telephone (Motown)