State of Rhythm: Danilo Plessow (Motor City Drum Ensemble) with Craig Moerer, David Haffner, Brad Hales, Keith Worthy, and Tim Sweeney ‐ Worldwide FM

State of Rhythm: Danilo Plessow (Motor City Drum Ensemble) with Craig Moerer, David Haffner, Brad Hales, Keith Worthy, and Tim Sweeney


Danilo Plessow AKA Motor City Drum Ensemble is on a constant mission to discover new sounds.

Drawing from an impressive record collection, the celebrated DJ and producer shares some of the music that inspires him every month here on Worldwide FM.

Danilo shares music found during his 3 week North American tour:

“I’ve been travelling the United States of America with my fellow record nerd Diggin’ Dave for the past 3 weeks, playing a couple of great shows and in the spare time going through record shops, locker units, warehouses, basements, mold-infested houses and more. On the way, i caught up with a couple of new and old friends, recording them on my little tascam portable.

I made the whole thing into some kind of tour diary podcast, playing records that i found there and in between those i put little snippets i recorded. You ll hear Craig Moerer & Records by Mail / David Haffner from Portland, Brad Hales (Peoples Records Detroit) & my old buddy Keith Worthy (Aesthetic Audio, Detroit) as well as mister Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space, New York) talking about politics, nightlife, record dealing etc.. And in the last third, Diggin Dave takes over for a Guest mix.”

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Kai Alce – Amerika [Sounds Familiar] // USA
Hollis Stone – You’re the One [Sonfire] // USA
Truth & Devotion – I Must See My Lord [Tyscot] // USA
Horizon – You Went Away [Shine] // USA
National Black Theater – Look Inside [Goodworks Music/Jubilate Records] // USA
Sunrise LTD – Our Love Will Grow [Pizzazz] // USA
Hush Hush for now!
Hush Hush for now!
Ndikho Xaba & The Natives – Freedom [Trilyte] // USA
Wendell Harrison & Phil Ranelin – What we Need [Tribe] // USA
Paul Woznicki – 2nd Attempt [Ulterior] // USA
Hollis Stone – Daddy [Sonfire] // USA
Circle – Disco Break [Lita] // USA
Hush Hush for now!
So-Be-It-Band – Solo [Megas] // USA
Marjie Barr – Conquer The Rest [No.1] // USA
Gabriel Hardeman Delegation – Run This Place [Savoy] // USA
Johnnie Walker & Jacqueline Dee – Play Your Game [Earwax] // USA


The Spencer Jackson Family – Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child [Zulu] // USA
Jorge Dalto – I’ve Got You On My Mind [Tribe] // Brazil
Kevin Moore – Speak Your Mind [Chocolate City] // USA
Kenny Rankin – In the Name of Love [Columbia] // USA
Straight Jacket – The Greatest Part of Loving [Showboat] // USA
Michael Andrews – Something Bad’s Better Than Nothin’ [Theta] // USA
Little Willie John – My love [King] // USA
Sathima Bea Benjamin – Africa [Ekapa] // USA
Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley – Save Your Love For Me [Capitol] // USA
Roy Gaines – Black Gal [Cu-Be-Ar] // USA
Jack Jacobs – I Believe It’s Alright [Libra] // USA
Total Experience – Contradiction [TTE] // USA
Luther Davis Group – To Be Free [Life Time] // USA
Frankie Seay – Every Body On The One [Sawax] // USA
Cappra & DeVoe – You Are Everything To Me [Elevation] // USA