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oto nova Japan 音の波 : Mari* with Kay Suzuki


Mari* is Worldwide FM’s senior producer and Gilles Peterson’s longtime radio collaborator, and every month presents a two hour show called ‘Oto Nova Japan’ introducing a new wave of artists and music coming out of Japan.

The guest on this episode is Kay Suzuki, a London-based DJ / producer who is respected and active in the community of the the long running party ‘Beauty & The Beat‘ and East London’s music venue ‘Brilliant Corners‘.

In this episode, they will be focusing on Time Capsule, the new reissue focused record label Kay has launched. Find out his stories of starting a new label, the importance of reissuing music and the beautiful sounds released on Time Capsule.

Kay Suzuki

Japan born and a part grown up in Singapore, Kay Suzuki arrived at the London music scene in 2004. Since his debut in 2007 as producer, he has been expanding into many styles and genres including disco, house, techno, ambient, African, jazz, funk, soul and everything in between. His diverse style of remixes, re-edits and original productions have acquired critical acclaim and support from names like David Mancuso, DJ Harvey Gilles Peterson, Francois Kevorkian, Theo Parrish, Hunee, John Gomez and Bradley Zero to name a few.

Kay set up his own label ‘Round In Motion’ in 2010, releasing 12″ records from various artists in London as well as his own album ‘Consciousness’. Round In Motion’s catalogue was given the prestigious privilege of being archived in The British Library in London 2014. 

He is also one of the founding members of Brilliant Corners as head chef, graphic designer, audio technician and music programmer since it opened 2013 till 2016. 

As a DJ, Kay has been invited to numerous cities in Europe and Asia for the past decade. His sets carry the impression of an atomic collision of funk/jazz-infused energy with an electronic severity that you just can’t quite locate – a combination that has proven irresistible for dance floors repeatedly.

Listen now Tracklist

Sunaga T Experience – Sasuke [Flower Records]
Teruhisa Fukuda – Saji [VDE-Gallo]
Black Boboi – Ogure [BINDIVIDUAL]
PYP – Door feat. Takeshi “Tico” Toki (Little Tempo) [SMR/Modulor]
Ryuichi Sakamoto & U-zhaan – Energy Flow (Rework) [Commmons/Milan Records]
Kōhei Amada雨田光平 – Shinshunfu 新春譜 [Em Records]
SUGAI KEN – Shinshunfu (SUGAI KEN Rework) 新春譜
Akiko Yano – Funamachi-Uta Part 2 [Wewantsounds]
Yutaka Hirose – Humming The Sea [WRWTFWW]
Leonidas + Kay Suzuki – Interstellar Meditation [Roundin Motion]
Il Guardiano Del Faro – Zenith [Time Capsule]
Youji Toriyama – Stranger In The Mirror [Time Capsule]
Youji Toriyama – Maze [Time Capsule]
Youji Toriyama – Bay Sky [Time Capsule]
Youji Toriyama – Stranger In The Mirror [Time Capsule]
Weldon Irvine – Time Capsule [Nodlew Music]
Atlas – Summer Breeze [Studio Mule Japan]
Jeff Phelps – On the Corner [Engineered For Sound]
Giuliano Sorgini – Ultima Caccia [Ricordi]
Gigi – Kahn [Forthcoming on Time Capsule]
Mark de Clive-Lowe – Memory of Nanzenji [Ropeadope]
Black Boboi – Ogure [Bindividual]