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New Music Worldwide: Sterns Edits: Ben Gomori

Ben Gomori is a London based producer and DJ and has gaining a name for himself with his series of unofficial edits of everyone from Sampha to Leonard Cohen to DJ Shadow. His new Sterns Edits venture with African and Brazilian music giants Sterns Music sees him go legit with a series of official reworkings of tracks from their extensive catalogue that stretches back to the ’60s, and is housed in an old bank vault underneath Warren Street tube station.
This mix features some of Ben’s favourite afro-house edits and remixes, as well as his first four Sterns Edits efforts – including exclusive plays of the upcoming second release which features the mighty Amadou Balaké. Flavours from Guinea, Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Trinidad, and beyond.
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G. Markus – Moon Face [Monologues Records]
Amadou Balaké – Bar Konon Mousso (Musicien C’est Pas Quelqu’un) (Ben Gomori N’est Pas Musicien Edit) [Sterns Edits]
Dawda Jobarteh – Bright Sky Over Monrovia [Sterns Edits]
Amadou Balaké – Massa Kamba (Ben Gomori’s Massabbatical Edit) [Sterns Edits]
G. Markus – M’Bala [G-Edits]
Orange Tree Edits – Pembe (Jimmy Rouge Edit) [Orange Tree Edits]
Orange Tree Edits – Fo Ya (Jimmy Rouge Edit) [Orange Tree Edits]
Alou Sangaré – Téguéré (Tete de la Course Remix) [Moblack Records]
Kuniyuki Takahashi feat. Sona Diabaté – Afric Univers (Piek Rework)
Dawda Jobarteh – Sama Kebbalu (Ben Gomori’s Lead By Example Edit) [Sterns Edits]
Mory Kanté – Bankiero (Long Disco Version) [Barclay]