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Music for Books: Mehmet Aslan with Michal Turtle


Switzerland’s Mehmet Aslan presents his ongoing radio show, Music For Books.  Established as a talented producer and DJ, Aslan has forged a reputation for coming to music and culture from fresh and less-travelled paths, whether it’s crate-digging for rare Swiss new wave or sampling forgotten Turkish pop.

Music For Books is a show that combines the pleasure of reading with the curation of personal soundtracks. The show is an evolving examination of our passion for art across different mediums. Aslan will encourage his audience to think about literature in different ways, exploring the relationship between sound and imagination.

On this month’s extended show, Mehmet is joined by Michal Turtle.

1st Hour’s Book: Robert Gober – The Heart Is Not A Metaphor by MoMA (2014)
2nd Hour Guest Michal Turtle: Flann O’ Brien – The Third Policeman (1967)

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