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First Word Records: Gilla with Profusion & Darkhouse Family


A First Word Records special, headed up by founder Gilla. Joining Gilla are Welsh hip hop and beats melding duo Darkhouse Family, and Profusion, the combined talents of K15 and Emeson.

Check Profusion’s debut release below.


DH Press 4

Listen to Gilla’s CoOp: Selector’s Assemble show below.

Listen now Tracklist

Bastien Keb – Pick Up [First Word Records] // UK
Eric Lau – It’s Rainy [First Word Records] // UK
Children of Zeus – I Can’t Wait [First Word Records] // UK
Tall Black Guy – Unknown // USA
The PLAYlist – Distraction [Playlist Music] // UK
Darkhouse Family – Solid Gold [First Word Records] // UK
Kidkanevil – One for the One [First Word Records] // UK
Eric Lau – Dedication A, B & C [First Word Records] // UK
Mr Thing – Higher [First Word Records] // UK
Brian Culbertson – So Good [Rhino Atlantic] // USA
Darkhouse Family – Unreleased [Forthcoming] // UK
Unknown – Unreleased [Unreleased] // UK

Don Leisure Interview & Mix

Darkhouse Family – Unreleased [Forthcoming] // UK
Darkhouse Family feat. Esther – Unreleased [Forthcoming] // UK
Esther – Worlds Apart [Forthcoming] // UK
Darkhouse Family – Unreleased [Unreleased] // UK
Solar – Faith For My Mind [Path of Light] // USA
The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble – Valdez in the Country [Stones Throw] // USA
Unknown – Unreleased [Unreleased] // UK
Shamek Farrah – First Impressions [Strata East] // USA
The Chocolate Jam Co. – The Spread of the Future [Epic] // USA
Unknown – Unreleased [Unreleased] // UK
Michael White – So Good to Me [Elektra] // USA
Don Leisure – Shaboo Tracks [Forthcoming] // UK

K15 Interview & Mix

Abstract Orchestra – Fall In Love [ATA Records] // UK
Profusion – Flying [First Word Records] // UK
Exile – Soul Provider [Sound In Color] // USA
JR & PH7 and St. Louis Joe feat. Roc Marciano – Driven [Below System] // USA
McCallaman – Millennials [McCallaman] // Canada
Devlin – The Devil In [Devlin Music] // UK
Cadell – L.O.N.D.O.N Hotline Distributions
Rude Kid feat. Ghetts – Banger After Banger [Self Released] // UK
Aeron Dun – Unknown
Black Milk feat. Pete Rock – Quarter Water [Computer Ugly] // USA
Suff Daddy – Chinatown Chill [Melting Pot Music] // USA