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Tune in for as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of DERRE TIDA.

Since 2010, DERRE TIDA has supported collective-based work in music, with diverse approaches to music curation, creativity, management and artistic development. Straight from Mexico City.

They have worked with entertainment brands promoting in Mexican and Latin American markets. Collaborations include Boiler Room, Discwoman’s launch in Mexico, Grimes’ first international tour in Mexico, Dean Blunt’s debut, Hippos In Tanks, Yung Lean and The Sad Boys, Nathy Peluso’s debut in Mexico, Traición en Festival, curatorship and recruitment of talent for the Bahidorá Carnival, amongst much more.

This is a new episode to celebrate DERRETIDA 10th Anniversary, bringing together the future sounds from Latin America. In the first hour we have a our guest Cami formerly knows as Phaedra, she is a DJ and promoter based in Mexico City, who ran a party called Lapidación, and this mix is a tribute to those memories. 

The second hour we have our special guest BCLIP, BClip mix is a sound profile and perspective of contrasts and roots. A worldwide selection from the Colombian Caribbean soundsystem exploding in a marginal and peripheral perspective of a deeply decolonized latin american ghetto rave.

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