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Born Cheating is a London based DJ and head of record label Tiff’s Joints.

This month Born Cheating pays tribute to the late, great and vastly under appreciated Tee Scott, the legendary New Yorker DJ, producer and remix artist.

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Tracklist :

Mona Raye – Do Me [Park Palace] // US
Reg Mundy Band Finger Pop [Atlantic] // US
Russ Brown – Gotta Find A Way [10 Records] // US
Twennynine with Lenny White – Fancy Dinner [Elektra] // US
Plush – Free and Easy [Plush] // US
Columbus Circle – If You Read My Mind [Elektra] // US
Northend feat. Michelle Wallace – Tee’s Happy [Emergency Records] // US
Anthony and the Camp – What I Like [Warner] // US
Brooklyn Express – Change Position [IBMC] // US
Chocolate Milk – Who’s Getting it Now [RCA] // US
Final Edition – We’re Moving On (Straight Ahead) [VAP Records] // US
Sergio Mendes and Brazil 88 – I’ll Tell You [Elektra] // Brasil