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America 2020: Madame Gandhi


In the run up to the US Election on November 3rd, Worldwide FM are exploring the theme of ‘What it means to be American in 2020’. We have asked several of our favourite artists from across the American musical sphere to tell us how they feel about being American in 2020.

Tune in for an hour long mix from Madame Gandhi, artist and activist whose mission is to celebrate gender liberation. (Photo by Savanna Ruedy.)

Vote this November 3rd.

Listen now Tracklist

Madame Gandhi – Waiting For Me
Childish Gambino – This is America (Todd Terry Remix)
Azealia Banks – Fierce
Branko – Stand By (Feat. Umi Cooper)
Sudan Archives – Come Meh Way
Madame Gandhi – See Me Thru (Sarah Farina Remix)
Justin Bieber – Get Me (Feat. Kehlani)
Madame Gandhi – Young Indian (Marina Machine Remix)
Be Ki Don – Samba Toure
Madame Gandhi – Bad Habits (Jeia Remix)
Beyonce – Already
Kondi Band – Thogolobea (LV Remix)
Madame Gandhi – Waiting For Me (Riobamba Remix)
Mos Def – Umi Says
Billy Porter – Love Yourself
Madame Gandhi – The Future is Female (TT The Artist Remix)

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Madame Gandhi